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What drives us...

Why the T-shirts don't fit (and why it's not your fault)
An XL T-shirt might turn out to be an L. Or it might, occasionally, be a 2XL or even a 3XL. T-shirt sizes are sometimes as diverse as their land of origin. There are no standard sizes from 2XL to 8XL.

Do you have a larger waist size, and are you looking for an XXL T-shirt for your base collection?

Finding this sort of shirt can be tricky, in both shops and web-shops, and you might well encounter a number of irritations:

  • Most extra XXL T-shirts don't get it right when it comes to shape: they are too broad across the shoulders; the sleeves are too long; the neckline doesn't lie well.
  • The bottom of the T-shirt is either too long or too short, or it simply doesn't sit properly, creating a sloppy appearance.
  • This can affect your confidence.
  • Aside of that, it is difficult to find the correct size; T-shirts are too small or too large; of a poor quality, or just not quite the colour that you had envisaged.
  • It can take considerable time and patience to find a T-shirt in the right size and colour. And, once you think you've found the perfect garment - after all that searching, scrolling and scrutinising - it's out of stock.
  • When you've looked around for ages and found the perfect size, it appears that the sizing in that one shop differs from that in another. Every brand seems to have its own sizes. In the end, after going through a laborious process, you might well have to send things back.

Before and after 4XL T-shirts

Revolutionary new T-shirt

  • This was the valid reasoning behind developing and bringing to market a revolutionary new T-shirt, made to suit the man with a larger waist size.
  • Alca Fashion was created, with its innovative product: the Alca Classic T-shirt.
  • Made for the man looking for a perfect-fitting T-shirt, in sizes 1 XL - 8 XL.

Alca Fashion ®
The T-shirt website for men with a larger waist size.

  • Alca Fashion is a web-shop with specially developed basic T-shirts for men with a waist size 1 XL - 8 XL. Alca's T-shirts have been developed to fit perfectly around the shoulder line and chest.
  • The T-shirt has been made in a stylish and refined manner, and has been modified at its base, so as to camouflage even a large stomach.

Are you looking for this type of T-shirt?
You can order the perfect-fitting T-shirt at Alca Fashion in three steps:

With the unique 'Size Chart' you can determine your exact size, quickly and simply.

  1. Determine your size 
  2. Choose from crew or v-neck
  3. Choose the colour

T-shirts form the base-collection of your wardrobe.
Every man likes to own a few smart, plain, white and black basic T-shirts that are the right size and fit well.
You no longer need to search and scroll for hours; at Alca you'll be able to find and order the perfect T-shirt, quickly.

Basic foundations of the Alca Classic T-shirts:

  • Alca Classic T-shirts - the perfect fit
  • Alca Fashion has had unique T-shirts designed for the man with a larger waist size. A number of men - of various sizes - acted as models in this process, so that the perfect dimensions for Alca Classic T-shirts could be developed.
  • The basic T-shirts were designed to fit perfectly around the shoulder line and chest.

5XL T-shirt before and after

At the base, the T-shirt has been modified and the stylish and refined way in which the T-shirt is made means that the fit can even camouflage a large stomach.

Alca T-shirts keep their shape well
In order to keep a T-shirt looking good for a long time, it is important that it returns to its original shape after washing. To achieve this result, 5% of elastomer has been added to the cotton fabric.

Size guaranteed T-shirt
This means that the sizing stays constant and that the Alca T-shirt is never larger than on other occasions.

Constant T-shirt quality
A T-shirt that loses its shape or is crumpled after a few washes is no use. Therefore Alca Fashion sticks to using a high quality fabric, selecting a high quality cotton, which is regularly controlled.
Alca Fashion has chosen an Indian cotton, with long, combed fibres, which gives off fewer bobbles and feels softer.

Size and washing labels
The T-shirt has been given a so-called 'transfer', which lists the size and washing instructions, meaning there are no irritating neck labels.

Quick delivery and service
Alca Fashion puts great value on the satisfaction of its clients; the customer is king.
We ensure quick product delivery and, in the event of a problem, Alca Fashion regards solving it, as quickly and satisfactorily as possible, with utmost importance.
The product can be sent back; money can be refunded or, if required, a new article can be sent. If you're not satisfied, we'll give you your money back.
If there are questions and/or comments about the product or the service, Alca Fashion will look into this and ensure that a clear answer, that satisfies the customer, is given.

Alca Fashion Factory
Alca Fashion produces its T-shirts in Tunisia, anticipating the newest developments in the clothing industry.

Alca Fashion SA8000 certified
The Alca Fashion ® T-shirts production process is SA8000 certified.
This means that controls have been carried out, regarding the social responsibilities and working conditions effective during the production of T-shirts, for example no employment of children under 15 years; the provision of a healthy and safe working environment; exclusion of discrimination, and adherence to legal regulations regarding working hours.