You can find the perfect plus-size men's underwear at Alca. Our plus-size boxers combine comfort, style, and hygiene for every man with a larger size. Discover our collection, all of our plus-size underwear, how to determine the size of your men's underwear, and what to look for when buying plus-size men's underwear.

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  1. Alca Easy-Going 2-Pck Men Boxershort 2-PACK
    Alca Easy-Going 2-Pck Men Boxershort
    As low as €37.95
  2. Alca Easy-Going 2-Pck Men Boxershort 2-PACK
    Alca Easy-Going 2-Pck Men Boxershort
    As low as €37.95
  3. Alca Easy-Going 2-Pck Men Boxershort 2-PACK
    Alca Easy-Going 2-Pck Men Boxershort
    As low as €37.95
  4. Alca Easy-Going 6-Pck Men Boxershort Assorti 10% discount
    Alca Easy-Going 6-Pck Men Boxershort Assorti
    As low as €99.95
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Plus-size Boxer Shorts

Our plus-size boxer shorts feature an elastic waistband, lowered waist, and slightly longer legs, providing optimal comfort for men with plus-size underwear. Available in sizes L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, and 5XL, Alca offers a wide size range to meet different needs.

Compared to other well-known brands, Alca boxer shorts have several advantages. The lowered waist design prevents the waistband from folding over, ensuring extra comfort throughout the day. The longer legs prevent riding up and provide a better fit around the thighs. This is how comfortable men's underwear should feel.

Plus-size underwear for men at Alca Fashion

The plus-size underwear or large-size men's underwear offers various benefits for men with a larger size. Here are the advantages of our men's underwear:

  • Quality guarantee: At Alca Fashion, we stand behind the quality of our products. We offer a guarantee on the wearing comfort of our clothing and underwear. You deserve stylish underwear.

  • Premium materials: All our products are made with carefully selected high-quality materials, such as BCI cotton, for optimal comfort and durability.

  • Excellent fit: Our clothing and plus-size underwear are designed with special attention to fit for men's plus-size underwear, ensuring it is comfortable and well-fitting.

  • Wide range of options: In addition to our boxer shorts, T-shirts, and polo shirts, we aim to expand our range in the future with new colors, different models, and possibly other men's underwear such as briefs.

  • Sustainability: Alca Fashion is committed to sustainability and responsibility towards people and the environment. We use sustainable materials and strive for minimal environmental impact in our production processes.

  • Customer service: At Alca Fashion, customer satisfaction is paramount. We offer excellent customer service and are ready to answer questions and address any concerns or issues.

  • How do I determine the size of plus-size men's underwear?

    To find the perfect size Alca boxer shorts, we recommend using our handy size chart. Take a measuring tape and measure the circumference of your waist. In the size chart, you can easily find the corresponding size that matches your waist measurement. This way, you ensure that you have the ideal fit and can enjoy comfortable underwear.

    What to consider when buying plus-size men's underwear?

    When purchasing the right underwear, there are a few key points to consider. Here are some tips to help you make the right choice:

  • Elastic waistband: Opt for boxershorts with an elastic waistband that sits extra low and comfortably below the belly. This provides a comfortable and snug fit without the waistband rolling up.

  • Available in plus sizes: Check if the brand offers boxershorts in plus sizes such as L, XL, 2XL, 3XL, 4XL, and 5XL. This ensures you can find the right size that perfectly fits your body.

  • Elastic leg openings: Look for boxershorts with elastic leg openings that don't dig into the skin. This provides freedom of movement and prevents irritation.

  • Comfortable material: Choose boxershorts made from high-quality and breathable materials such as cotton. This ensures comfort and helps wick away moisture.

  • Reinforced seams: Check if the boxershorts have reinforced seams. This enhances durability and prevents the seams from coming undone during wear.

  • Color choices: Pay attention to whether the brand offers boxershorts in various colors. This allows you to choose the style that best suits you.

  • By paying attention to these points, you can ensure that you choose the right boxershort that provides comfort and meets your personal preferences. Therefore, choose plus size boxershorts from Alca Fashion.