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  1. Alca 2-Pck Heren T-shirt V-Hals 2-PACK
    Alca 2-Pck Heren T-shirt V-Hals
    As low as €57.95
  2. Alca 1-Pck Heren Shirt Lange Mouw Ronde Hals
    As low as €39.95
  3. Alca Classic 2-pack T-shirt Ronde Hals 2-PACK
    Alca Classic 2-pack T-shirt Ronde Hals
    As low as €57.95
  4. Alca 1-Pck Heren T-shirt Ronde Hals
    As low as €29.95
  5. Alca 1-Pck Heren Polo
    As low as €54.95
  6. Alca 1-Pck Heren T-shirt V-Hals
    As low as €28.95
  7. Heren Boxershort 2-Pack Zwart 2-PACK
    Heren Boxershort 2-Pack Zwart
    As low as €37.95
  8. Alca 1-Pck Heren Polo Extra Lang
    As low as €57.95
  9. Alca 1-Pck Heren Sweater Ronde Hals
    As low as €89.95
  10. Heren Boxershort 2-Pack Dark Green 2-PACK
    Heren Boxershort 2-Pack Dark Green
    As low as €37.95
  11. Alca 1-Pck Heren Vest met Rits
    As low as €109.95
  12. Alca 1-Pck Heren Hoodie
    As low as €99.95
  13. Heren Boxershort 2-Pack Navy 2-PACK
    Heren Boxershort 2-Pack Navy
    As low as €37.95
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Extra large men's clothing for the man with a larger size

At Alca, you will find an extensive range of plus-size clothing specifically designed for men with a larger size. The plus-size men's clothing starts at size XL and goes all the way up to size 8XL. Alca offers a wide range of plus-size men's fashion.

It's important to note that Alca is suitable for men with a waist circumference ranging from 113 cm to 174 cm. Alca understands that finding plus-size men's clothing that fits well and feels comfortable can be a challenge. That's why Alca has focused on creating garments that are specially designed to meet these needs.

To ensure that you find the perfect size, we recommend using Alca's handy size chart. You can find it here. Here, you can easily measure your waist circumference and find the corresponding size.

Using the size chart in the online store is a great way to ensure that you order clothing that fits perfectly and feels comfortable.

The perfect fit for men with a larger size

At Alca, the fit of their clothing is specifically designed for men with plus-size clothing. Here are some features of the fit that set Alca's garments apart from regular large-sized T-shirts, Polo's, Sweaters, and boxershorts from various brands in standard sizes:

  • No excess space around the shoulders: Alca's garments have a carefully designed shoulder line, ensuring there is no unnecessary space around the shoulders.

  • Seamlessly fits around the arms: Alca clothing is designed to comfortably fit around the arms without being too tight or loose, preventing constriction and allowing for freedom of movement.

  • No excess fabric at the armpits and on the back: Alca's clothing is designed to eliminate excess fabric at the armpits and on the back, creating a streamlined look and preventing fabric from bunching or gathering in unwanted areas.

  • Fits perfectly around the belly: One of Alca's key features is that their garments fit perfectly around the belly. They are designed to follow the natural shape of the body without constriction.

  • No rolling waistbands: Alca's boxershorts have waistbands that stay securely in place without rolling. This ensures extra comfort and prevents the waistband from becoming uncomfortable.

  • Optimal use of materials: Alca pays great attention to the choice of materials to ensure the best fit. The fabrics they use are stretchable, soft, and durable, providing comfortable wear and maintaining their shape.

  • Why choose Alca's plus-size men's fashion?

    At Alca, we believe in providing high-quality clothing at fair prices. We not only have a strong focus on designing clothing that fits well and is comfortable for men with plus sizes, but we also do it in a sustainable way. With our own production facilities and years of experience, we are able to offer an excellent price-to-quality ratio. We achieve this by:

  • Focus on plus-size men's fashion: Our brand is specifically dedicated to plus-size men's clothing. We understand the challenges they face when it comes to finding well-fitting clothing, which is why we are fully committed to designing clothing that caters to their needs. This enables us to provide the best possible fit and comfort for men with larger clothing sizes.

  • Fixed price for every size: At Alca, we believe in fair and transparent pricing. That's why we don't differentiate prices based on size. Whether you wear size XL or size 8XL, you pay the same price. We want to ensure that men with plus sizes have access to high-quality clothing without any additional costs.

  • Quality and sustainability: At Alca, we strive to deliver high-quality men's clothing that lasts. We carefully select materials of premium quality and pay great attention to the finishing of our men's clothing. We want our customers to have clothing they can rely on and that meets their expectations over the long term.

  • Wide range of options: Our range includes a wide variety of garments, from T-shirts and polo shirts to boxers. We aim to provide plus-size men with all the essential clothing they need, so they can dress stylishly and comfortably for any occasion. We regularly update our assortment with new items.

  • Good value for money: At Alca, we strive for an excellent price-to-quality ratio. While delivering high-quality clothing, we ensure that our prices remain reasonable and affordable. We believe that plus-size men should not have to pay extra for quality clothing, which is why we aim for a good balance between price and quality.

  • Sustainable production in our own facilities: We take pride in producing all our products sustainably in our own manufacturing facilities. We place a great emphasis on ethical, environmentally-friendly, and socially responsible production practices. By keeping production in-house, we can closely monitor the quality and sustainability of our clothing and ensure that our processes meet the highest standards.

  • Over 65 years of experience: Alca is a brand owned by a manufacturer with over 65 years of experience in the clothing industry. This extensive expertise enables us to design and produce high-quality plus-size men's clothing that meets the specific needs of our customers. We have a deep understanding of the market and our customers' demands, and we leverage our experience to deliver top-quality clothing.

  • Customer-centric service: We value our customers highly and strive to provide excellent service. Our friendly and helpful team is always ready to answer questions, provide personal advice, and resolve any issues. We aim to offer a positive shopping experience and ensure that our customers are satisfied with their purchases.

  • Fast shipping: At Alca, we understand that our customers don't want to wait long for their orders. Therefore, we strive to offer fast shipping service. Orders placed before 4:00 PM are shipped the same day and are typically delivered the next day. We want to ensure that you can wear and enjoy your new clothing as quickly as possible.

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