What is the quality of our T-shirts?

Quality and Production of Alca Fashion T-shirts

We believe in 100% customer satisfaction.
Alca Fashion wants its customers to enjoy beautiful T-shirts, with a perfect fit.

Alca T-shirts Shape (and Style)

In order to keep a T-shirt looking good for a long time, it is important that it returns to its original shape after washing. In order to achieve this, 5% of elastomer has been added to the cotton.

Size-assured T-shirt

This means that the dimensions always remain constant and the specific size of the T-shirt,  will not be larger on one occasion than on another.

Constant T-shirt quality

A T-shirt that loses its shape or is crumpled after a few washes is no use. Therefore, Alca Fashion sticks to using a good quality fabric, selecting a high quality cotton, which is regularly controlled. We have chosen Indian cotton, with long, combed fibres, which has the feature of giving off fewer bobbles and feeling softer.

Size and washing labels

The T-shirt has been given a so-called 'transfer', which lists the size and washing instructions, meaning there are no irritating neck labels.