Welcome to Alca, the destination for stylish and comfortable large men's sizes 3XL clothing. Explore our specially designed collection that perfectly fits men with a robust build. At Alca Fashion, you will find a wide selection of 3XL men's clothing, including trendy T-shirts, fashionable polo shirts, comfortable sweaters, and boxershorts. Our plus-size men's fashion is carefully designed with attention to fit and comfort, with thoughtful details such as extra room in the right places. Discover our Alca Collection with an extensive range of large men's sizes clothing.

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3XL men's clothing at Alca Fashion

At Alca Fashion, you will find an extensive collection of men's clothing in 3XL size, specially designed for men with a larger build. Our garments are carefully crafted with attention to comfort, fit, and style. Discover our 3XL size men's clothing with unique features for an optimal fit and comfort.

3XL shirts

Our 3XL garments are specially designed with attention to the right proportions. Our 3XL plus-size men's clothing offers extra room around the waist without an unnecessary oversized look. They fit well into pants with a longer back and that looks just great.

3XL Polo's

Combining style and comfort. They have a roomier cut around the waist and provide a flattering look. Discover all polos in plus sizes from our collection.

3XL boxershorts

Our 3XL boxershort has an extra lowered waistband, so they fit well under the belly and do not roll down. Our boxershorts are made of high-quality materials that feel soft on the skin and provide ventilation.

3XL sweaters and vests

The Alca vest is a versatile garment that is both stylish and comfortable. With carefully selected materials and thoughtful design, it is an ideal product for any man. Discover all hoodies, vests, sweaters, and jumpers in plus sizes.

What size is 3XL in men's clothing?

3XL is a size for men with a larger build. The waist circumference typically ranges from 129 to 134 cm, allowing plus-size men's 3XL shirts to provide extra room for men with a larger waist. Size 3XL corresponds to size 60-62 in the European system. Our plus-size clothing has extra length to cover the waist properly and provide comfort. When choosing plus-size men's clothing in 3XL, consider these measurements and features. Consult our size chart for the perfect fit at Alca Fashion.

What makes Alca's 3XL collection so unique?

At Alca, we pay special attention to the fit of our plus-size clothing. We understand the needs of men with a larger waist circumference. Our plus-size vests, T-shirts, polo shirts, and sweaters have the following unique features:

  • Extra room around the waist: providing comfortable and flattering fit.
  • Shoulders fit well and sleeves are precisely the right width and length for a balanced look.
  • The shirts are ideal for wearing under a dress shirt but can also be worn as a separate part of your outfit.
  • All products are available in multiple plus sizes and colors.
  • All outerwear is designed with extra length, ensuring they drape nicely around the waist, and you never end up with clothing that is too short.

So, if you are looking for comfortable and stylish plus-size men's clothing, you've come to the right place.