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What size am I?
Get the perfect fit every time.

What size am I?<br />Get the perfect fit every time.
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Place the tape measure around your waist, at the precise height of your navel.
WaistAlca FashionUSGermany
113-119XL-BXL52 - 54
121-1262XL-BXXL56 - 58
129-1343XL-BXXXL60 - 62
137-1424XL-BXXXXL64 -66
145-1505XL-B5XL68 - 70
153-1586XL-B6XL72 - 74
161-1667XL-B7XL76 -78
169-1748XL-B8XL78 - 80
What size am I?