Looking for men's clothing in size 5XL? Explore the extensive collection of 5XL men's clothing at Alca, where we have everything from shirts to boxer shorts to meet your needs. Let us guide you in finding comfortable and stylish clothing pieces that fit perfectly.

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5XL Men's Clothing at Alca Fashion

At Alca, you'll find an extensive range of plus-size clothing, including 5XL sizes. Our products include shirts, vests, sweaters, polo shirts, and boxers specially designed for men with larger sizes. This clothing is perfect for a weekend getaway to Rotterdam!

T-Shirts in 5XL

Our 5XL T-shirts feature a special fit for larger sizes, providing optimal comfort. Choose from various colors, necklines, and materials to find your perfect daily T-shirt.

5XL Polo Shirts

Our polo shirts combine classic style with a comfortable fit. Discover our plus-size polo shirts in various colors and styles.

5XL Boxer Shorts

Our high-quality boxer shorts in 5XL sizes ensure ultimate comfort and prevent the waistband from rolling. The leg openings also prevent chafing, ensuring you're comfortable in all your pants.

5XL Sweaters

Explore our collection of sweaters, vests, and hoodies in 5XL sizes. With the special Alca fit, our sweaters offer a perfect fit when you're looking for both comfort and style.

What Size is 5XL for Men?

5XL men's plus-size clothing varies between different clothing brands.

  • Confection Size: Size 5XL varies between different clothing brands but is approximately equivalent to 58-60 in European confection sizes. However, this can vary depending on the brand and specific fit.
  • Waist Measurement: A typical 5XL size has a waist measurement of approximately 145-150 cm, measured around the widest part of the waist.
  • Length Size: The length of a 5XL size varies but is usually suitable for men with a height of approximately 180-195 cm. However, this can depend on the clothing item and the desired fit.

    It's always advisable to consult the size chart of the specific clothing brand for precise information on the dimensions of the product you wish to purchase. This will help you find the right clothing that fits your body type and pants perfectly. In terms of centimeters, the waist measurement for 5XL is usually between 145-150 cm. In terms of confection sizes, 5XL is approximately equivalent to size 64-66 in European sizes. This will assist you in making the right choice for clothing that is both comfortable and well-fitting.

Order your stylish and comfortable 5XL men's clothing from Alca now. Check out our extensive clothing collection on our website.

What Makes Alca's 5XL Plus-Size Men's Clothing Unique?

At Alca, we pay special attention to the fit of our plus-size men's clothing. We understand the needs of men with larger waistlines. Our plus-size vests, T-shirts, polo shirts, and sweaters, for example, have extra room around the waist, well-fitting shoulders, and sleeves that are proportionally the right width and length for a balanced look. Additionally, our shirts, as well as plus-size sweaters, are ideal to wear as standalone items. The shirts are also very popular under jackets or dress shirts. All our upper clothing is designed with extra length to ensure they sit well at the waist, preventing you from wearing clothing that's too short.