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Alca Classic T-shirt crew neck black (2 pack / 2pk)

Alca Classic T-shirt crew neck black (2 pack / 2pk)
Alca Classic T-shirt crew neck black (2 pack / 2pk)

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The perfect fitting T-shirt for a larger waist size.
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Alca Classic T-shirt black, with a well-tailored crew neckline

Revolutionary new T-shirt

  • Alca Fashion is a web-shop with specially developed basic T-shirts for men with a waist size 1XL to 8 XL. An Alca Classic T-shirt is designed to fit perfectly around the shoulder line and chest. 
  • The T-shirt has been made in a stylish and refined manner, and has been modified at its base, to camouflage even a large stomach. 
  • More radiance, as the T-shirt pays more heed to the male body relationship between the waist size, the chest and the shoulders.

Advantages of the Alca Classic T-shirt

  • The Alca T-shirt fits better, at both the top and the bottom of the garment.
  • Stretchable and flexible, due to its mix of 95 % cotton and 5% elastomer.
  • The cotton choice is of excellent quality, meaning the fabric does not become unshapely. 
  • Soft, due to the combed cotton.
  • Perfect moisture absorption, due to the choice of cotton, and the elastomer.
  • Provided with a 'transfer', rather than irritating neck-labels.

The Alca T-shirt - made of 95 % combed cotton and 5 % elastomer

With combed cotton, the short cotton fibres are combed away, before it is spun. The longer cotton fibres provide a stronger, softer and more flexible T-shirt . This also explains why the cotton gives off fewer bobbles and keeps its shape for longer, even after washing.


before and after tshirts 5XL before and after tshirt 4XL 5XL

Tee Quality

Quality and Production of Alca Fashion T-shirts
We believe in 100% customer satisfaction.
Alca Fashion wants its customers to enjoy beautiful T-shirts, with a perfect fit.
Model Alca T-shirts blijft goed in vorm
In order to keep a T-shirt looking good for a long time, it is important that it returns to its original shape after washing. In order to achieve this, 5% of elastomer has been added to the cotton.

Size-assured T-shirt
This means that the dimensions always remain constant and the specific size of the T-shirt, ordered online, will not be larger on one occasion than on another.
Constant T-shirt quality
A T-shirt that loses its shape or is crumpled after a few washes is no use. Therefore, Alca Fashion sticks to using a good quality fabric, selecting a high quality cotton, which is regularly controlled. We have chosen India's cotton, with long, combed fibres, which has the feature of giving off fewer bobbles and feeling softer.
Size and washing labels
The T-shirt has been given a so-called 'transfer', which lists the size and washing instructions, meaning there are no irritating neck labels.

Additional Information

Additional Information

SKU ALCA.800.10
EAN 8719324048914
Sleeve Length Short Sleeve
Material 95 % Cotton, 5% elastomer
Color Zwart
Lenght centre back 77 - 84 cm | 29.1 - 34,6 inch
Neck Crew neck
Wasvoorschrift Never wash the T-shirts at too high a temperature in the washing machine - maximum 40º